Patient Testimonials

"The entire staff are wonderful! I had been to one other place before here (who actually referred me to Dr. Tino after I moved back from out if state and they weren't able to take me back). And as good as they were to me, I am thankful for where I am now. Just can't say enough about the entire staff. They are all friendly and warm and welcoming, friends now. And not only do Dr. Tino and Dr. Naik look out for me and my best interests, I can talk to them about anything. And peer counselors Terri and Anthony too. Just like close friends. And they have gone out if their way to try to help me in other ways since the long rough year I had last year with losing 7 close family members (including my Mother and last two living Grandparents). Always remember all going on with me and asking how it all is going. Never had a group to remember my name so this is a very welcoming and appreciated thing. Thanks and hugs to Robin, Tiffany, Terri, Anthony and everyone there! I couldn't make it without you!!"

- Dena R.

"Very nice place highly recommend! Dr. Tino is a very understanding man. I have recently undergone a lot of family and personal problems. He not only assisted with the medical part of it but sat me down and helped get to the root of my problems. I will be staying here for my future treatment!"

- Andrew O.

"Awesome place. Tons of empathy and they actually try to build rapport with their patients. There are underlying causes to our disease and everyone I've encountered, Dr. Thompson, Mitzi, Dr. Tino, and Davin so far, are determined to help us get to that stuff and examine it in a productive way. It's all about learning, growing, and achieving."

- Mikey G.

"Excellent place for recovery. Everyone is understanding and gives personal attention to clients needs."

- Amanda C.

"This office is saving my life. Dr. Tino and his staff are so caring and are so passionate about treating addicts with respect. I thank God every day that I found this program."

- Brandi E.