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Dr Michael Tino, MD LLC is happy to announce our new relationship with "Tennessee Recovery Clinics" Intensive Outpatient Program at our Madison Tennessee addiction treatment center.

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This will allow patients admitted to Tennessee Recovery Clinics IOP Programming to have the option of Suboxone medication prescribed to assist in their recovery program. Prior to now most patients in IOP had to Detox and experience withdrawal while undergoing treatment for addiction. With our new program patients will not experience the discomfort of opioid withdrawal while in treatment! This option allows patients immediate comfort, as well as a much better chance for continued success without relapse both in treatment and after they are discharged home.

Some clients may also benefit from a Sober Living or Halfway House experience where we also can assist with prescription medication such as Suboxone or Sublocade as they transition back to a normal lifestyle.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is an excellent option for patients that need a higher level of care to get their lives "back on track"after the devastation of Addiction. IOP offers more intensive daily or weekly counseling & life skills necessary to succeed at long term recovery. It is also a preferred option for many patients that cannot undergo an Inpatient treatment program for time, financial, or other reasons.