Concierge Medicine for Primary Care Services

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Available At Our Johnson City Location Only

Concierge Medicine in Johnson City is now being offered by Doctors Assisted Wellness through Dr. Tino & Dr. Motorny as a service for a limited number of patients interested in a more personalized relationship with their Primary Care Physician. In summary, in exchange for an annual fee, a patient may enter into a yearly arrangement with their Doctor to provide out patient based primary care services by phone or email. There is no health care insurance involved or taken at the office. This saves both the physician & the patient the aggravation of dealing with insurance companies, co- pays, filing claims, and worrying over in or out - of network covered services. It offers the convenience of avoiding lost work days spent finding appointments & long hours spent in waiting rooms to see a health care provider when you are sick, ill, or injured. It begins with an annual History & Physical Examination to establish your baseline patient profile with your Doctor. Patients are then basically given 24/ 7 phone, email, or Telemedicine access to reaching their physician as needs arise such as illness or injury throughout the upcoming year. A full list of which services are provided for the established fee are included in your contract.
* It is important to note this type of arrangement will not be a good fit for certain patients and there are certain exclusions, such as Obstetrical care if pregnant, In- patient hospital services, and chronic pain patients requiring narcotic pain medications or sedatives on a recurring basis.

Please call for availability & appointment. You may then download your form to bring to your initial appointment.